If you intend to visit Saudi Arabia for business purposes, then you need a Saudi Business Visa. A business visa allows you to conduct business, attend meetings, conferences, and perform technical duties in the Kingdom. There are three types of business visas:

  • 3 months (up to 90 days)- Single entry visa.
  • 1 year (up to 365 days)- Multiple entries visa.
  • 5 years multiple entries visa for UK & USA nationals only.

Saudi Arabia has introduced an eVisa program to make it easier for travelers to enter. However, it only applies to tourists. Business travelers cannot travel to Saudi Arabia on an eVisa. They must apply for a business visa. To apply for a business visa, the traveler must obtain an Invitation letter from a company registered in Saudi Arabia.

Invitation letter

The Saudi Arabia business invitation letter is an essential document required for Saudi Arabia visa application. It is mandatory for you to have the business invitation letter when applying for a business visa (work visit visa or commercial visit visa) because the Saudi immigration system works on the concept of corporate sponsorship hence a company registered and operating in Saudi Arabia must sponsor this. The invitation letter is issued online and contains information like biographical information of the visa applicant, the inviting company and the sending company along with the kind of visa you will get, and how long your visa will be valid in Saudi Arabia.

We are here to help

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We will also provide you with interpretation services since much of the information in the invitation letter comes in Arabic. Our team of experts will consult you throughout the process. 

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